The ccg is now running the show. With NHS England controlling primary care and public health and the CCG.
Have you noticed any differences so far?
Is the sun shining more?
Is the rain less cold?

What is valid any way?

Revalidation is here. In practical terms it means that your responsible officer is happy to let you carry on working.

There are still obstacles to implementation. It is uncertain how doctors who do not get on with their responsible officer are to be dealt with. A potentially serious problem when depriving a person of their livelihood.

The RCGP , other royal colleges and other commercial organisations have all developed systems to support documenting activity for appraisal, and then collating this for revalidation

Computer Systems 2005


The computer systems used on the Wirral are currently those supplied by three of the national systems suppliers, Emis, iSoft, and INPS. They each provide training in the use of their software to individuals and groups.

As a locum arranging to work in a practie it is worthwhile asking what system they use. Some locums will only work in practices with the one system they are used to. Others will not use the system in any practice. It is increasingly important to use these tools as QOF points are important sources of revenue for practices.

System suppliers all have websites and user groups at national and local levels. On these sites you will find all sorts of hints tips and suggestions.


Emis National User Group

iSoft Cheshire Torex User Group National Torex user group

InPS National Vision User Group

The future of computing in the national health service is to be determined by Connecting for Health. This group originally the National Project for IT has brought together several major computing projects.

These include the national data spine, the electronic patient record, PACS (picture archiving), GP2GP (records transfer between practices) , electronic prescribing, QMAS, and Choose and Book.

Electronic patient records such as used in primary care are to be supplied by 5 Local Service Providers. Exactly what this includes is likely to be a source of confusion for several years. The LSP covering the Wirral is made up of CSC computing, iSoft (Lorenzo), and Hedra.

Financial Sites


There are many aspects of financial management which salaried and sessional GPs need to be aware of. This can be quite difficult at first. There are many souces of help. These include accountants and financial advisers as well as the BMA and the NASGPs. Other Gps can be of help as for example on Doctors net forums and

Other useful sources of information include the inland revenue who do provide courses on tax as well as providing personal advice. Superannuation is a complex area and is the responsibility of your PCT as well as Hesketh House in Fleetwood.